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What you’ll receive with your Membership:


Weekly Video Lessons

Each week learn one new practical improvement that you can make to your business from our Community of Founders which includes one actionable tool that you can implement immediately in your business tomorrow.

Operations Tools & Templates

Get access to our collective best tools for hiring the best team, creating your Growth Playbook, systemizing your operations and ensuring everything runs smoothly even while you’re on holiday enjoying your well deserved time off!

Checklists & Questionnaires

Leverage our simple and actionable checklists and questionnaires to convert more prospects in paying clients, getting more profit per client, methods for turning “no” clients into “yes” clients and tuning up every part of your business.  Each one comes with specific and clear instructions to make each week a “check-off” the to-do list satisfying sort of week.


Calculators and Self-Tests

Take advantage of the self-audits we make available throughout your membership to clearly understand where you and your business are heading in your journey to the most profitable, self-managing, fast-growing, value-maximizing business.

AskMyBoard Forum ("Grow" Level and Up)

Submit your questions into our membership forum and our Founders and the broader AsMyBoard Community will respond to your specific question to help improve the part of your business that is struggling the most.


Monthly "Hot Seats"/Coaching Calls ("Transform" Level and Up)

We will randomly select a business owner to work on a specific aspect of their business live for the Community. With permission, we’ll record the Coaching Session and send it out to all of the Members.


One-on-One Advice ("Scale" Level and Up)

For Gold Members, we will have individual calls to work through the toughest aspect of your business by one of our Founders that understands your industry deeply and can help you breakthrough that one obstacle that is holding your Company back.

At Least 50 Lessons Included Covering the Following Topics

Ignite Your Growth and Drive Your Sales Right Through The Roof

Learn how to magnetically attract new customers, get your customers selling for you and create engines of growth that double or triple your sales in the next 12 months and beyond.


The Ultimate Lead Generation Program That Works While You Sleep

Find out the marketing strategies and channels that truly work (most don’t), how to become a prolific content creator, without having to become a writer, and how to get free national publicity for your business.


Field The Best Team That When Unleashed, Drive Your Growth For You

Discover How To Attract and Identify The True A-Players And How To Motivate And Inspire Them to Drive Your Breakthrough Growth


Design & Launch Offerings That Virtually Guarantee Success

Learn how to design "sticky" offerings that create recurring revenue streams. Test and launch your products and services to ensure success and maximum profit.


Master Web Marketing Without Being Held Captive By Your Tech Team

Learn why you don't need a traditional website, how to get on the first page of Google without breaking the bank, and how to convert that traffic into revenue for your business.


Turn Your Customers Into A Powerful Always-On Selling Machine 

Find out how to turn your customers into a powerful selling machine that keeps working harder and longer than your sales force.​


Maximize Your Cash Flow To Gain Control Over Your Business

Learn dozens of secrets to enhance your cash flow, raise capital and accelerate your profits so that you can maintain control of your business (and sleep better at night)​​.


Put Your Business On Auto-Pilot And Regain Your Time and Freedom 

There are so many systems out there to help automate your business from marketing to sales to finance to operational systems. We’ve practically tried them all and we’ll help you choose the right one for your business.


Prepare Your Company to Be Sold For the Highest Price, Even If You Don't Sell

Preparing your business to be sold can be the best thing you can do for your business - whether you choose to sell or not. We’ll provide 5 things you MUST do if you ever want to maximize the value of what you’ve created.


Keeping You Cyber Safe From the Bad Guys Lurking To Destroy Your Business 

Learn why you MUST protect your business from cyberattacks and hackers right now and the best preventative measures you can take right now.


Strategic Execution Designed To Blow Away Your Competition

Find out how to “block” your competition from being compared to you, how to scale your business faster without hiring more people, and how your culture can be a competitive weapon.


Personal Success Management To Help You Truly Realize Your Best Self

You'll learn how to ensure that you realize true satisfaction and fulfillment in your entrepreneurial journey with plenty of motivational and inspiring stories to ensure you can overcome the inevitable obstacles.

  • Preparing for a Sale (whether you sell or not)

  • Business Valuation Strategies - How you can maximize the price for your company 

  • Getting the Best Terms - What you can do now to ensure you get the best terms 

  • Secrets to Designing "Sticky" Products and Services 

  • Strategies to Test Your Products and Services To Practically Guarantee Success 

  • Do Like Hollywood - Using Product Launch Formula (PLF) to Build Explosive Growth 

  • Pricing for Profit - The Art and The Science 

  • Doubling Sales in 12-18 Months - The Dream 100 

  • Marketing Mix Strategies That Truly Work in 2020 

  • What's in a Word? Headline secrets that pull in traffic

  • Getting (and staying) on the first page of Google (SEO secrets)

  • They're heeeeeeere.......the top proven traffic conversion secrets

  • The Checklist Manifesto Will Set You Free

  • How to fix the #1 Reason Small Companies Get Hacked

  • How to Reach True Personal Success

  • Climbing Over the Wall (and all of the obstacles in your way) 

  • "Contract Hell" - Avoiding the "I sent it to our legal" black hole

  • Getting the Best Price - Simple techniques for negotiating the best price

  • Perfecting the Sales Process

  • Eliminating Post-Purchase Dissonance - Designing your follow-up process

  • Secrets for Getting an Appointment with Virtually Anyone

  • Secrets to Attracting the Best Team (and Repelling Who You Don't Want)

  • Self-Ignited Performance Maximization (Help them light their own fire)

  • Growing Without Constraints (or a massive payroll)

  • Cash Flow Optimization - Learn over 20 ways to improve your cash flow quickly

  • Secrets to Long Term Customer Retention

  • Secrets to Resetting the Buying Criteria in Your Favor

  • Performance-Based Partnerships - Scale faster for less money

  • And more!

Just Some of The Lessons You'll Receive